Sometimes we complicate our life looking for decorations, style, trends, and in the end, what matters most is to feel comfortable at home. Do not miss these 8 infallible tricks so that your house reflects your personality.
Small tips that will help you:

  • Define yourself. Because your personality has a specific character, follow the same consistency with the styles of your home.
  • Show your hobbies. You can create spaces to show those things or activities that you like the most.
  • Dare to try is the only way to know if you like what you are thinking more or less …

8 tricks for your house to reflect your personality

1. Dress the walls

Use pictures that reflect your identity, these objects are always add distinction. You can integrate them into the color palette you choose or just the opposite, that give another totally different touch.

2. Mix materials

Buying all the furniture in the same range is not strictly necessary. A house is done little by little, so take care and mix materials, do not be afraid to try different structures and shapes, remember that you are looking for your personality in your house.

3. Mix colors

Do it intelligently, customize walls and furniture playing with color. As advice we would tell you to use neutral tones in large furniture and give that whole alive, active, elegant, etc., with accessories.

4. The power of a lamp

The lamp itself is a decorative object with a lot of character and value, and it highlights the place where you put it. It has a wide variety of designs and most importantly, it helps creating a different atmosphere in any corner.

5. Put objects or souvenirs that talk about you

We are not talking about filling your shelves with souvenirs, but about selecting what generates a memory that fills you with good energy.

6. Displaying books or records

If we are talking about giving personality to your home, what speaks more about you than what you hear or read? Well, don’t hide those treasures, let them be visible in any piece of furniture you choose. It is a god tip because it will talk a lot about you.

7. Let the plants into your home

Yes, plants give life to any home and they can say a lot about you. You can fill the corners you choose with plants and flowers at different heights, places, hanging, in beautiful pots, etc. They do not have to be natural, now you will find countless high quality artificial ones.

8. Out or the ordinary distributions

You can get away from the standard or the script … it’s your home! Give a different touch to the distribution to give it more personality or to attract more attention.

Trick for decoration lovers

An iconic piece. If you like interior design or are a design lover, you will know that a piece with character cannot be missing from your home. You can choose a fashionable piece of furniture, that has history or that attracts attention and gives it a special prominence.

Our way of life says a lot about our personality and our home, too.

You know, if you feel good at home, you’ll be happy in it.