Quality garden furniture can offer comfort and functionality to the outdoor spaces of your home. With a large and spacious table and comfortable chairs, a normal garden can be transformed into an ideal place for outdoor dining.

Equip the garden with a set of aluminum or rattan sofas with large cushions and you will transform it into the most important space in the whole house during the warmer months.

Take note of the following tips to select the best garden furniture. Only then can you make sure you have a garden that resists the passing of the years.

1. Make a list

Start by imagining how you would like your garden to be. Would you like to have a dining for dinner outside on summer evenings or would you rather create a cozy corner to read in your relaxing moment? Would you like to have a large sofa to meet your friends and have cocktails? Make a list of how many things you would like to do in this space and use it as a guide to find out what type of furniture is necessary.

2. Invest in quality

The old saying “cheap is expensive” is also true when buying garden furniture. Plastic chairs and tables may look very good in a catalog but over time they become fragile and lose color. The same can happen with some low cost furniture. If we are looking for quality, the Decovarte garden furniture selection, enjoys the reputation of having the best at the best price.

3. Take a seat

Take a seat before buying. As happens inside the house, comfortable chairs and sofas will be used regularly, while the uncomfortable will remain unused for a lifetime. What can be pretty to look at may not be so comfortable. Always take a seat before buying. In Decovarte you will find a huge selection of furniture that you can try. We are known for offering quality, comfort and practicality at the best price.

4. Do not forget about maintenance

Enjoy a peaceful rest in your garden instead of spending half a life maintaining it. Most of garden furniture requires a lot of maintenance. Choose aluminum or natural fiber and forget about it. Hose them every now and then, and as new!

5. Consider the option to store them

In any case, we can add more years to the life of our furniture by storing them safely. Even the highest quality furniture will see its useful life extended if we protect them when they are not in use. If instead we have no place to store them, look for furniture covers that can protect them without damaging the look of your garden. Here we sell them tailor made, and they are not excessively expensive.

6. Choose the color intelligently

When buying garden furniture, we are not only limited to the different shades of natural wood, black, white or beige. Color finishes abound in the world of garden furniture, anthracite and dove-colored color are stomping. In Decovarte we always recommend leaving the touches of color for cushions and decorative pieces.