When buying a lamp many questions arise, from; which lamp is best suited to each space or the color of the bulbs. Each space of the house is important and therefore the lighting that must be used in each room must be thought through.

The lounge is one of the most important rooms because it is where we spend most of the day. Therefore, from Decovarte we are going to give you some tips to know how to illuminate your living room.

There are different types of rooms. Some where it is only used for eating, others as a living room and most commonly, dining rooms. These types of rooms are usually delimited by two areas: the living area with a sofa and television; and the dining area with table and chairs. It is important to define each area of your room since each of them will need one type of lighting or another.

To create warmer, colder or simply natural environments there are different shades of color or color temperature of light.

The color temperature is measured in Kelvin and is a measure that must be taken into account when choosing lighting. The tones will vary from the warm white of 2800K, through the neutral white of 4000K to the cold white with 6500K.

1. General lighting

The first thing to do once each area of the room is delimited, is to illuminate the entire room with a light. For this you can use different colors and systems that best suit each one, we will complement in each area that is necessary with different types of lighting and lamps.

It is recommended to use in the living room in general the warm light that has an amber incandescent or halogen light. For general lighting it is best to put the light on the ceiling and then use different support lights.

2. Light for sofa area

In this area where we place the sofa with television, the most convenient is to use indirect and dimmable light.

A good option would be to illuminate this perimeter with LEDs on the ceiling or simply use support lamps. You can use these lamps when you do not need the general ceiling light and enjoy this area in a more relaxed way.

In addition, this light will help to have no reflections on television and be able to enjoy better without tiring the eye, so using neutral white lights would be ideal.

3. Light for the dining area

Decovarte Como iluminar la zona del comedor

The best for this area are ceiling lamps that illuminate the surface where the table and chairs where you eat, if you prefer you can do without general light in this area and choose only pendant ceiling lamps. It is advisable to use light that does not exceed 3000K in this area so that the color of the food does not change at a height of about 70cm from the table.

Now you know some tips to light your living room and enjoy it to the fullest. Lighting is an element that will make your furniture stand out, at Decovarte you will find the best selection. We are waiting for you!